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Fostering Innovation & Sustainability in Horizon Europe Submissions

Revolutionizing EU funding proposals for deep-tech innovators

Speed and safety

Flexibility and broad scope

Enhanced support


Efficient European Funding Solution

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FISHES is the first revolutionary AI platform to help deep-tech startups, scaleups and disruptive SMEs to identify European funding calls and automate the submission process under Horizon Europe.

This includes creating solid and persuasive drafts for the business plans required to submit an innovative project to the European Commission platform.

The platform leverages user experience from PhDs, Engineers, and deep-tech professionals to ensure the proposals reach the standards needed to convince the EU to grant projects related to nanotechnology, medtech, aerospace, advanded manufacturing and more.


What FISHES Offers

FISHES empowers deep-tech startups, scaleups and disruptive SMEs to identify the right European funding calls and automate the submission process needed to submit and win proposals.

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1. Grant Search

Quickly find the most relevant subsidies tailored to your projects.

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2. Proposal Generation

Craft compelling and high-quality project proposals with ease.

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3. Automatic Document creation

Effortlessly generate files for justifying and executing awarded grants.

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4. Project Management:

Beyond the successful acquisition of grants, FISHES goes the extra mile by offering a seamless Project Management service.

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Your Gateway to Success

As a B2B model, FISHES equips users with a comprehensive toolkit for streamlining European grant applications. Benefit from real-time updates on grant databases, an AI-powered virtual assistant for automatic document creation, and seamless customization for specific administrative requirements. FISHES harnesses its unique algorithms to identify, generate, and execute the entire set of documentation demanded by the European Commission.

Getting Started with FISHES is Simple

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Step 1: Download FISHES

Download the FISHES platform and start your journey towards potential European funding.


Step 2: Create an Account

Create a free FISHES account to help you search for the right European Funding call.


Step 3: Submit Your Proposal

Use FISHES to help you generate the best possible business plan and submit your proposal to the European Commission.

Unlocking a World of Possibilities

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